About A&D

We started this Damn Fine Tea company because we love a good cup of tea. We love the romance of tea and its rich history. We love the way tea looks and smells, and how no two cups are ever the same. We love that tea might be the healthiest beverage we’ll ever drink. But most of all, we love tea because it tastes great.

We believe that if the tea in your cup is anything less than fantastic, you’re missing out. That’s our guiding principle. Only a few teas meet our standards, so we offer only a few favorites. Some are available in limited quantities, others we carry on a more regular basis. We stand behind all of our teas, we think they’re damn fine, and and we hope you’ll agree.

Charles & Erik

Our Damn Fine Tea

Our tea is sold loose, not in tea bags. Imagine a handsome metal container filled with fragrant, dried leaves and you’ve correctly imagined what you will receive when you order tea from Andrews & Dunham. If you’re new to loose tea, be sure to pick up a tea straining device. Our teas are orthodox, meaning that the leaves were grown, picked, and processed using traditional methods. A majority of the world’s tea production is a big, industrialized affair, but the teas we’re interested in are still being processed mostly by hand.

Your Damn Fine Tea

We’re firm believers that there’s no wrong way to enjoy tea. There are no rules. However, since it’s a hot beverage try to avoid spilling it on yourself or your loved ones. We’re often asked for brewing recommendations, so here are a few humble suggestions:

Tea: We like strong tea, so our teaspoons are heaping.

Water: Good water tastes better, so if your water tastes good before you boil it, you’re headed for some damn fine tea. Mineral content can make a big difference, so try some different water with your favorite leaves and see how you like it.

Temperature: Bring your water to a rolling boil for most black teas, and stick with cooler water (180 degrees and below) for green or white tea.

Time: Time is relentless. Some teas, especially green and lighter black teas will get very bitter if you brew them too long. When we’re trying a tea for the first time we usually err on the side of a shorter brew time, adding a bit each time until we find the sweet spot.

Milk and all that: Why not?

Our Designers

We’re lucky to have Aesthetic Apparatus as partners in this venture. The labels on every tin of Damn Fine Tea were designed — and at times hand-printed — by these creative gentlemen from the Twin Cities. We’ve covered nearly every surface in our homes with their artwork. We recommend you do the same.

Legal Stuff

Damn Fine Tea, Andrews & Dunham, the A&D shield logo, and the Andrews & Dunham shield logo are registered trademarks of Andrews & Dunham, Ltd.