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Bai Mu Dan

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Happy New Year

Are you ready for the Chinese New Year? We are, and we’ve got the bunnies to prove it. We’re celebrating the New Year in the birthplace of tea with a great big tin of Bai Mu Dan white tea. Rarely is a fine tea’s character so perfectly represented by the goofy cartoon animal on its label. This fancy tea is light and fluffy, it’s round and warm. Put two heaping teaspoons of it in a strainer and before you know it you’ll have more infusions than you know what to do with!

The labels on the tins were hand printed by Aesthetic Apparatus in Minneapolis. We’ve only got 100 of these, they will not multiply, so get one while you can.

We recommend you add a great big pile of Bai Mu Dan leaves to almost boiling water. Steep for 7 minutes or longer. This tea is very loving and forgiving, it won’t get bitter if you forget about it. Hold onto the leaves and try a few more infusions.

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