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Dragon Power

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Happy New Year!

Is your 2012 off to a rough start? Are you spending more time than usual worrying about impending doom and the end of the world as we know it? Relax already. Have some dragon tea! Here at the Andrews & Dunham World Headquarters Survival Bunker, we’re once again celebrating the ancient and enduring nature of the Chinese calendar. Ancient as represented by this lovely Dragonwell Green Tea, the world’s first flavored beverage (excluding the sweet blood of our enemies, of course). Brew up a pot and enjoy the existential camaraderie of 5,000 years’ worth of tea-drinking humans. You might want to set out some cookies. Enduring as represented by our great optimism that this year will indeed be followed by yet another. And hey, if the end is really near we could use a few dragons on our side!

The very attractive and dignified labels for this limited edition of 100 tins were designed and hand printed by Aesthetic Apparatus in Minneapolis.

This Dragonwell Green Tea produces a rich, buttery, alertness-inducing brew. Heat your water until it’s almost-but-not-quite boiling and add leaves. Steep for 3 minutes.

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