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Enjoy 3.0 Ounces of tea for $20.00

When humankind has finished constructing a Planetary Dyson Sphere around Venus to tame her fierce atmosphere, a lush and verdant world will arise on the surface. Nostalgia for life on Earth will be the center of their new and complex culture.

Early generations of Venutians will be well advised to establish the cultivation of heritage Earth beverages — such as this Damn Fine Tea — to preserve a sense of connection to their terrestrial root. We hope the Venutian hills hide a soil as rich as Yunnan’s, that our future sons and daughters can enjoy a cup that is as balanced and rounded as this Venus Green Tea, with fragrant notes that hearken to their dimmest memories of home.

This 100% Organic Venus Green Tea from Yunnan China has a beautiful large leaf that yields a subtle and sturdy brew. There is a dimension between floral aroma and vegetal richness that comes to the fore in this green tea, a different type of strength than what we look for in our black teas. We like to brew this tea in 180 degree water for 2 to 3 minutes tops.